Photo Usage & Credit Policy

Hello, wedding vendors & friends!

We love working with all the fantastic vendor teams our couples assemble to help them have the most awesome weddings they possibly can. We're happy to share photos with vendors so you can see the results of your hard work, show it off, market it to prospective clients, and make more awesomeness to share in the future!

If you'd like to use photos from a wedding we've worked together, great! All we require is that you give MKM Photography appropriate credit. Usage guidelines for each platform are below. Improper tagging or credit, or lack of tag or credit, is a copyright violation.

One more note: We hope this goes without saying, but please don't alter or modify our photos (or any photographer's work!) in any manner. This includes—but is not limited to—editing, filtering, converting to black and white, and cropping. (Forced Instagram cropping is addressed below.) 


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Tag our photos with @mkmphotonc. Hashtags are optional, but the @ tag is required.

Forced Cropping:
Unless images are provided in square format, please don't use Instagram's square crop. Landscape-oriented (horizontal) photos may be posted in their entirety. Portrait-oriented (vertical) photos typically get force-cropped. In these cases, please anchor the crop box to the bottom of the image, unless doing so will cut off the top of a subject (heads, cake toppers, bouquets, etc.), in which case, please center the subject as well as possible.



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Please tag our photos with @mkmphotonc, which should autoconvert to MKM Photography. Please start with the @ tag, as there are several "MKM Photography" accounts on Facebook.

Websites & Blogs

Photo credit must be to MKM Photography, must appear in the text of the page or post, and must be be a live link back to Some third party blogs or pages do not allow live links for certain vendors (those who aren't paid advertisers, for example). Regardless of this policy, for the photos to be used on those pages, there must be a live link back to MKM Photography—or the photos may not be used on the post or page. 

Print Magazines

Photos may be used in print for both advertisements and editorial content with credit given to MKM Photography. Credit specs for print are:

- Bottom right corner of image, horizontally or vertically; or directly under image horizontally.
- Font color must be black or white, contrasting against the background color, so it's clearly visible.
- Font size and thickness must not be smaller or thinner than Helvetica at 5pt. 
- For editorial content with multiple images, or with multiple pages, credit may be given in the context of the editorial text, in similar font and size to the surrounding editorial text.

If the magazine will not print credits based on these specs, then the photo may not be used or printed and doing so would be a copyright violation by the publishing party.

Anything we missed? Still have questions? We're happy to help out any time via email (, and during regular business hours via phone (919-808-5852).

Thanks so much, and we look forward to working with you again soon!

Lots of Love,
Mike & Kate Marchetto
MKM Photography

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