There is so much to love about shooting boudoir. Although I will never turn up my nose at lipstick and lace and other pretty things, what I love most are my clients' reactions, how they feel following their sessions: "That was so much fun!" "Oh my god, is that even me?!" "I had no idea I could look that hot!"

Because what's most important to me is empowering my boudoir clients, helping them feel and own the full force of their  awesomeness. Being a woman is complicated, contradictory, challenging, and confusing--if I can bring a moment of clarity, of comfort, or of confidence, then I've done my job well. Because all bodies are good bodies; because all women have their own strength; because all women deserve to feel and to know their own beauty and wholeness; because it's never just sexy photos.

[***Please note: I know the above language is very cis-fem-centric. This is the subsection of society towards whom boudoir photography is usually geared and these have, thus far, been my clients. However! I am LGBTQ+ supportive, so if you are trans*, a gay cis-man, agender, or anyone who wants to find some power and beauty in yourself and make some pretty pictures while we're at it (yes, even a straight cis-man interested in dudoir), reach out. I'd love to work with you.***]

An abiding philosophy
Your body is your own, and it is extremely important to me that my clients are in control of how and where I share their images. That's why you only see portfolio galleries on this page--all the images in which appear with the subjects' permission--and not full client galleries.

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