Danielle & Stuart | A Classy Engagement at the Garden on Millbrook

Session: 1 March 2016 | Posted: 7 March 2016

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Danielle and Stuart...these two are a laugh a minute. They goofed around and kept each other giggling with pokings and ticklings and fun little antics all throughout our session. As a result, you can see just how much they enjoy being together beaming from their faces. Any couple who can make each other laugh like that has good things in store for their future.

And good things in store for me! It's so easy to make portraits of couples that can show with ease how much they love each other. Combine their endless smiles with Stuart's spiky musician's edginess, Danielle's effortless classy style (I mean, that dress, y'all!), and the unrelenting gorgeousness of The Garden on Millbrook, and you've got the kind of session we dream about. Market lights, black-and-white checkered floors, pianos and piano playing...practically perfect in every way.

Enjoy this look at Danielle and Stuart's beautiful engagement session, and keep your eyes out in the fall for their wedding, which we cannot wait to photograph!

Adore Danielle & Stuart's classy-meets-edgy vibe? Want photos like these of your very own? Let me know: Send me an email! Schedule a consultation! We'll have tons of fun together. :-)

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