Elizabeth & Stephen | A River Landing Wedding

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Elizabeth and Stephen’s wedding took place on a blue-skied, sunny--and hot--day in May. Michael and I both arrived to bustling suites full of people curling, tying, gelling, clasping, spraying, tucking, pinning, and otherwise getting ready. Some were making sandwiches; some were showing off their fancy shoes and twirling to The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I climbed poorly-balanced bar stools; Michael tried to stay out of mirrors. As it usually is on wedding day mornings, the air was full of the happy tension of excitement, of the other shoe (or bouquet or garter, to extend the metaphor) about to drop.

As soon as Elizabeth and Stephen saw each other, drop it did--Stephen turned to see Elizabeth in her dress for the first time, his face broke into a huge grin, and all the tension melted from the air. They were together on their wedding day. Nothing could go wrong.

We usually do what we can to blend into the crowd when photographing a wedding. We’re there to be wedding anthropologists, if you will: observing, but not interfering. (I mean, unless we’re running 30 minutes late and no one is dressed--then we might hurry things along a bit.) Sometimes, though, the crowd doesn’t want us to blend. Sometimes our clients’ families and friends--who are really just extensions of our awesome clients and are, therefore, awesome themselves--reach out to us and bring us into the fold, and, because of said awesomeness, we are more than willing to go with the flow. Elizabeth’s dad cracked jokes; Stephen’s sister empathized with our extremely sweaty plight; friends and family alike talked with us, and everyone was congenial and kind. Exactly the kind of crowd we like: pleasant, nice, fun, and full of love for the two people joining their lives in marriage.

Elizabeth and Stephen, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day, and for giving us the privilege of knowing and photographing you and your families. We wish you guys a lifetime of happiness!


Ceremony, Reception, Catering & Cake: River Landing
DJ: J.D. Silverthorne, Anything Music
Dress: Maggi Bridal
Menswear: Men's Wearhouse

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