Christina & Roy | An At-Home Wedding in Fuquay Varina

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When Michael and I photographed Christina and Roy’s engagement back in May of 2014, none of us had any idea that there was a third little person present in all the photos. Later in the month, Christina learned that she was five months pregnant—she had understandably mistaken all her pregnancy signs for symptoms of student teaching stress! Just two months before their wedding, sweet miss Hailey Rae was born. And let me tell you: Christina is a total champ. With help from her mom, she kept the wedding plans on track—plans which included renting a tent and all the necessary wedding reception items for the celebration in her parents’ back yard—all while she and Roy were moving, both starting new jobs, and caring for a newborn. Total. Champ.

Christina and Roy’s wedding day was a frenzy of black and pink details, tons of family love, and one of the most fun couples among our acquaintance. (Even my supremely sarcastic husband learned a lesson or two in ragging on one’s spouse from these two!) The ceremony in Christina’s childhood church, less than a mile from her parents’ house, was chockfull of personality. Christina’s grandpa’s vintage turquoise truck was the icing on the cake—how stinkin’ awesome is that truck?! We are so grateful to have been part of the celebration of such a sweet couple. Enjoy their images below!

Pastor Steve conducted an excellent ceremony at Piney Grove Baptist Church. Christina’s parents hosted the reception on their property, with almost everything else DIY’d or provided by family and friends—except the barbecue, which was provided by the awesome Rebecca's Grill, the best barbecue you'll find in the back of a gas station! Roy got to exercise his considerably awesome DJ skills, much to my delight. Excellent work, everyone!

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