Meghan & Ryan | Newlywed Photography in Durham

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Once I posted Meghan and Ryan’s wedding, you had to know I wasn’t going to be able to wait very long to post their newlywed session! Meghan and Ryan wanted to make sure that they got a lot of great images with their wedding party, and that more time on their wedding day was spent with their guests and enjoying their party than taking photos of just the two of them—all great reasons to schedule a separate newlywed session! (Also, who doesn’t want an excuse to put on their awesome wedding outfits again?)

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Moral of the story: I think everyone should do newlywed sessions! (And if you want to schedule one, send me an email at!) Ryan looked dapper, Meghan looked fantastic and totally killed it with her awesome posing skills, several passing strangers offered their congratulations, and everybody got to have some fun! Not to mention the fact that we got to spend even more time at two of my favorite locations: American Tobacco Campus and Durham Central Park.

Many thanks to Meghan and Ryan for letting us create these awesome images of them—check them out below, and offer your own congratulations in the comments.


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