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Love to Know | The Last Shot

It started with our own wedding photos back in 2010. When we got the CD of our photos, aside from being overwhelmed with love for them, we saw that this was the last image in the set:

It is a perfect candid shot of us enjoying dancing together at our wedding, a photo that exemplifies how much fun we had on our wedding day and how in love we were on that day (and, incidentally, still are!).

Since seeing our own wedding photos, the concept of the Last Shot stuck with us—so important and poignant that it deserves the capitalization! In the last two years of our wedding work, not only has it become sort of our signature photograph, but the Last Shot has even become a bit of a superstition with us. We can’t feel good about a wedding that doesn’t end with a great moment of connection—95% of the time, it’s a kiss!—as the last photograph we take for you.

Why? Well, think for a second: What is most important to you about your wedding day? Maybe it’s getting to celebrate with your family and friends; maybe it’s throwing an awesome party; maybe it’s your own personal entry into the centuries-old tradition of marriage.

I’d be willing to bet, though, that the most important element of your wedding day is committing to spend your life with the person you love most in this world.

This is what the Last Shot means to us. Our focus on a wedding day is the love and connection between two people. Your wedding photos should show you that this is our focus. Sometimes we’ll take you aside for a few minutes before we leave the party; sometimes we’ll catch you sneaking a kiss in the midst of your sparkler send-off.

Either way, when you’re sitting in your home, looking through your wedding photos for the third, tenth, thirtieth time, you’ll always end on that sweet moment of connection between you and your love, the Last Shot from your wedding day. And let me tell you: We love that.

What do you hope is the last shot from your wedding?

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