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We live in a digital era, in an increasingly digital world. Most of our media consumption is at least computer-based, if not entirely online. Still, there is something sweet, elegant, and beautiful about printed artifacts. Though I can confess that I principally use an e-reader (and it's awesome--highly recommended for avid readers!), I still love a beautiful physical book, and my collection is huge, my bookshelves overflowing. (I just found a still-packed box of books in the bottom of the closet of my office...from our move...two and a half years ago...)

The same goes for printed photos. It's one thing to mindlessly click through an album of photos on Facebook, and quite another to sit on the couch with a loved one, paging through a stack of prints or--and here's the point, finally--a beautifully designed wedding book.

I love designing wedding books. I love seeing which photos our clients love so much that they want to keep them as physical memories. And I love, love, love  seeing the story of a wedding day unfold on the page. The writer-Kate loves juxtaposing moments to tell the story how I truly saw it on your wedding day, helping document these wonderful moments, helping our couples see their wedding days from every angle.

Some of our packages include wedding books, but you can order them a la carte at any time. There are a ton of different options: From linen covers with laser-printed text, to leather covers with cameo images on the front; from photo hard covers with custom spine and cover text to bright leatherette covers in your wedding colors; and beyond!

I custom-design every book, and I love doing it. Check out some more images from our sample books below, and please get in touch if you'd like to talk about ordering one! I'm more than happy to give you suggestions and work together to make the prettiest wedding book you could ever imagine!

(Oh, and if we aren't already working together, I'd love to talk about booking your wedding with MKM so that you can get in on this album goodness, too! Send me an email at!)

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