Lauren & Ben | Caffe Luna Wedding in Downtown Raleigh

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Is there anything more adorable and elegant than a pair of good-looking dancers? If you can possibly say, "No," in answer to this question, read on, because Lauren and Ben's wedding emphatically begs to differ.

Forget, for a few minutes, the sweltering heat in North Carolina in late June. Forget how afternoon showers amp up the humidity and make everything steam. Focus, instead, on love and beauty in their various forms, especially as seen through the eyes of artists of all kinds. Lauren and Ben's wedding day reflected artistry through and through: from the watercolor palette and whimsical DIY floral arrangements to the bridesmaids' Monet umbrellas; from the interpretive dance that closed the ceremony to the cake toppers Ben and Lauren sculpted themselves; from the custom-painted, Impressionistic shoes (made for Lauren by Ben's sister, Sarah) all the way through the breathtaking choreography of Lauren and Ben's first dance. They met through dance, both participating in the Pitt Dance Ensemble while in college, and art seems to suffuse every aspect of their lives.

It fights for first place, though, with a sweet and readily evident love. I love little more at weddings than an emotional groom, and oh, did Ben deliver: he became choked up while reciting his vows, during his brother's toast, and while delivering his own speech of welcome and thanks. The look in Lauren's eyes every time Ben kissed her spoke always of love both reciprocated and magnified. Both Lauren's and Ben's families were sweet and gracious, and were clearly moved throughout the day by the love that surrounds this wonderful couple.

Lauren and Ben, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your fun and beautiful wedding day. We wish you every possible happiness for a long future together!

And now, without further ado, enjoy some beautiful wedding photos below!


Ceremony: Pullen Park
Reception & Catering: Caffe Luna
Officiant: Susan Gillis, Friend of the Couple
Ceremony Musicians: Elana Scheiner, Kate Morrison, Anna Rose Beck
Flowers: DIY
DJ: Eddie Leonard Productions
Cupcakes & Cake: Sugarland

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