Jeanine & Leslie | A Motorco Wedding Celebration

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The weather couldn’t make up its mind. August sun would blaze for 30 minutes, searing the pavement and burning away the myriad puddles, until the rain clouds reasserted themselves with a prolonged torrent, only to restart the cycle an hour later. When Jeanine and Leslie entered the room at Motorco, though, the undecided weather paled in comparison to their happiness and the overwhelming love everyone in the room—friends and family, local and faraway—immediately showed them and their two-year-old twin daughters.

Jeanine and Leslie were married in Delaware in November of 2013, but that in no way lessened the emotion in their voices as they read each other their handwritten vows in Durham at their wedding celebration in August of 2014. This time, they got to showcase their love and commitment in front of those closest to them, in the city they call home.

And then: the party. Man, do these guys dance. Jeanine and Leslie really wanted to focus on spending time with their guests, so the order of the day for us was candid photos only—Jeanine, Leslie, and their guests certainly provided us with plenty of fantastic material.

But don’t just take my word for it: Check out the images from their awesome wedding celebration below!

Congratulations, Jeanine and Leslie!

Motorco Music Hall hosted Jeanine and Leslie’s wedding celebration, with catering provided by the talented Chef Chris Holloway. The event came together under the impeccable direction of Gretchen at RedBird Events. Waterdog Farms provided lovely and whimsical floral arrangements, while Hummingbird Bakery brought their cupcake A-game.

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