Gretchen & Jason | 1,000 Days of Love at Haywood Hall

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One thousand days.

How often do we consider the magnitude of our lives from within their minutiae? Sure: Intellectually, you know that your day consists of 24 hours, or 1440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds—but have you ever thought about the importance of those numbers?

Gretchen and Jason do. We are fortunate to account Gretchen and Jason among our friends—in addition to being one of the most adorable and loving couples we know, they are, individually, sweet and caring people, a joy to talk to, interesting, and genuinely interested in the world around them. When Gretchen and I first started chatting about setting up a love session for them, naturally, I was excited: who wouldn’t want to photograph two such totally-in-love cuties? Imagine my elation when she told me that they wanted to plan the session to coincide with their 1,000-day anniversary—1,000 days of marriage. I almost melted from the sweetness of it.

Since their session was at the beginning of December, there was an air of Christmas around the beautiful Haywood Hall in downtown Raleigh, although a wintery crisp in the air itself was noticeably absent. It was my first time visiting Haywood Hall, and I very much hope to have the opportunity of shooting there again. We wish Gretchen and Jason many thousands more days of happiness together. Enjoy their images!

Congratulate Gretchen & Jason on 1,000 days of marriage!

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