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Heather & Eric | A Durham Arts Council Wedding

Heather and Eric are one of those couples who make you think, immediately upon meeting them, that they were made for one another. Their wedding was filled with as much fun and love as they are—the sense of joy and camaraderie was practically palpable. It was certainly apparent on every face watching Heather and Eric commit their lives to one another, in every groove on the dance floor, and in every smile Heather and Eric snuck at each other throughout the night.

But y’all, it was hot for Heather and Eric’s wedding! September in North Carolina is no kind of relief from the heat of the summer. To top it off, the air conditioning in the Durham Arts Council building took its sweet time gearing up for Heather and Eric’s wedding ceremony and reception. The upper gallery where the ceremony took place was still sweltering by the time the ceremony began—you’ll see Heather spinning her dress around to add some breeze in her dressing room and Eric working his ring onto a finger swollen from the heat. Walking into some downtown Durham breezes for photos following the ceremony certainly helped, and by dinner, the galleries were cool as cucumbers, and so were Heather and Eric and all their guests.

This wedding was such a joy to photograph—we are so thankful to have been involved in such a sweet day for such awesome people. Congratulations, Heather and Eric! Enjoy their images below!

Durham Arts Council was a dynamite location—we’d love to shoot there again! In addition to officiating wonderfully, Belo Shelton at Thrills from the Grill catered an amazing meal. The cake, by Dynamik Duo Desserts, was some of the best I’ve ever had. Lisa at Ninth Street Flowers created beautiful arrangements, and Ronnie at The Perfect Beat spun a great mix for dancin’ feet. Thanks, everyone!

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Congratulate the happy couple!

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