Heather & Eric | A Very Duke Engagement

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Every Friday (or most Fridays, anyway), Heather would go to a wine tasting with friends. It was the same group of people every week--regulars--and that group included Eric. Though Heather enjoyed Eric's company, she wasn't too sure about dating him--their mutual friends tried to convince her to give him a chance, but it wasn't until Eric quit smoking because he knew Heather hated it that she saw how serious he was about taking their friendship to a new level. After a year and a half of dating, Eric proposed to Heather on a Viking Cruise on the Danube (in a very complicated story involving surgery, delayed flights, and lots of painkillers, which is better told by them than me!), and they will be getting married in September.

Since their relationship has so far been filled with much craziness and fun, it only makes sense that I had a tumultuous relationship with their engagement session. We had scheduled it for one of those undecided Southern weather days, where the forecast tells that the skies could open up and pour anywhere at any time. I was a little ball of anxiety all day leading up to their session, trying to predict what the storm might do. Fortunately, it decided to skirt Durham after some few showers, leaving the air a bit cooler if no less humid, and doing us the grand favor of clearing the majority of visitors out of the Duke Gardens. After we had finished strolling around the Gardens, as Heather and Eric are both avid Duke sports fans, we headed over to two of their favorite places in America: Cameron Indoor and Wallace Wade Stadiums. The hazy summer light was beautiful, and shooting with them was so much fun! Can't wait for their wedding!

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