Elizabeth & Stephen | West Point on the Eno Engagement

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Elizabeth and Stephen are high school sweethearts and it shows: they are so playful with one another that we all spent most of our two-hour session laughing. We met them at the Forever Bridal show in January and are very excited to be working with them for their wedding next year. (They'll be getting married just a few weeks after Elizabeth finishes college--yay!)

For their engagement session--in which Michael got to participate, too, in spite of his once-in-a-blue-moon availability--we trekked around the park at West Point on the Eno. Man, that place is huge; but it's also gorgeous just about everywhere you look. Elizabeth & Stephen's images reflect the awesomeness of our surroundings, but also how awesome they are as a couple! We are excited for their wedding, but since that isn't until next May, enjoy these images from their engagement session in the meantime!

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