Delany | At-Home, Lifestyle Newborn in Durham

Session: 22 May 2016 | Posted: 7 September 2016

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Because I had a baby myself, this post is long overdue--as I write this, sweet little Miss Delany is about to turn five months old! She is decidedly no longer a newborn. But she is incredibly cute, which is why I was happy to break my I-don't-really-photograph-babies rule. Plus, her sweet parents, Anne & JB, are our friends, and it's hard to say no to such nice friends, especially when their adorable baby is looking at you with her big, dark eyes. Among other excellent qualities, Anne & JB are nerds are our own hearts: Delany is named after JB's favorite science fiction writer! Needless to say, they are raising an awesome little girl, and I'm happy to be able to share some images of her from her early weeks of life! Enjoy!

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