Lindsay & Christian | A Fun & Quirky Engagement in Durham & Chapel Hill

Session: 29 March 2016 | Posted: 6 April 2016

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I don't even know where to begin telling you guys about Lindsay and Christian. I could start, easily, with how our personalities clicked immediately when we first met--I love meetings like that. I could start with how they first met: at a Chapel Hill bar following a basketball game, jamming on each other's dance moves and literally shoved together by friends. (So psyched that I got to witness some of those dance moves during our session, by the way. Too. Much.)

Just as well, I could start with how much I love sessions like theirs. We met up for beers at Fullsteam (for them...and none for this pregnant lady...) with only a rough idea of what we wanted to do. We talked about life and love and basketball, and got shooting eventually, guys. Every image I captured during their session is imbued with their personalities. They think they're awkward and not photogenic; think they're hella adorable, and I love how easily they goof around with each other, moving very smoothly--whether they want to believe it or not!--into snuggling, canoodling, and being precious.

It's also worth mentioning that all our plans for shooting in Chapel Hill, around the campus and its environs, went out the window when we were stuck in traffic for an hour. An hour, you guys. Teach me to research every possible thing going on the day of a shoot: there was a huge HB2 protest on Franklin Street that evening (yay!), and we couldn't move or park for love nor money. We eventually made it into Kenan Stadium to capture some of my favorite shots from the whole session.

Morals of the story: Lindsay and Christian are adorable; I cannot wait for their wedding in August (which will be my first foray back into real life following my baby break--eek!); and you should check out all the fun cuteness from their session below, congratulate them in the comments, and let me know which images are your favorites! Enjoy!

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