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If you looked up the word "adorable" in the dictionary, you might find a picture of Breana and Matt. Breana has the sweetest smile; Matt has a pleasant and goofy disposition; and together, they are one of the cutest couples we know. I mean, they planned their wedding to coincide with their fifth dating anniversary--how adorable is that?!

Oh, and they rock pretty hard when the time comes, too.

Their wedding day was filled with all the silly little things that fill in the corners of human experience and make, ten or twenty years down the road, an excellent story. It rained for most of the morning on their wedding day, clearing up right before people started arriving for the ceremony. Breana turned her tongue blue with a Pixie Stick right before the ceremony (incidentally creating one of my favorite shots of the day). Matt's actual wedding ring was left at home, supplanted, instead, by a ring he had given Breana while they were dating.

Still, when they saw each other from the opposite ends of the aisle, it was clear that they couldn't contain their joy. Breana started beaming the moment she left the bride's suite. Matt grinned the second he saw her, and got more choked up the closer she came. Their simple and heartfelt ceremony set the tone for the rest of the evening, and created lots of room in people's hearts for a ton of fun for the rest of the evening. Once the dance floor filled up, it only cleared in time for toasts--Breana and Matt were having so much fun that we didn't want to pull them away, so we just snapped their last shots on the dance floor.

We are so grateful to have been a part of their fun wedding celebration, and we wish them every possible happiness in the world! Congratulations, guys!


Venue: Cypress Manor at Cary
Coordinator: Amelia Davey, When in White
Rentals: CE Rental
Officiant: Rev. Perry Hardison
Catering: Cake Couture Boutique
Bartenders: On the Rocks Bartending
Floral Design: Fallon's Flowers
DJ: Nick Gardner
Cake: Cake Couture Boutique
Hair & Makeup: The Junction Salon & Bar
Bagpiper: Robert White

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Congratulate the lovely couple!

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