Aubrey & Drew | Durham, NC Engagement Photography

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The first time Aubrey and I met, we spent 20 minutes talking about the anti-feminist politics inherent in the wedding industry. Yes, really. We're kind of a match made in wedding vendor heaven. Aubrey and Drew are awesome and fun, enthusiastic and goofy, and incredibly stinkin' adorable together. It's apparent in their images how much fun they have together--they genuinely like being around one another, and it shows!

We started their session at their home in Durham, where I got to hang out with their two sweet (and super energetic) big puppy boys and meet their brand new clutch of 15 baby chickens, all named Wendy. Once we got some shots of the dogs being adorable and the Wendys trying, ineffectually, to fly away, we took a short walk to a park/playground around the corner, and played around there until the sun was almost down, at which time we headed back for some shots of Aubrey and Drew snuggling in their hammock, with the most perfectly delicious sunset light as a backdrop.

These two are to-die-for adorable, and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in October. In the meantime, enjoy the images from their engagement session!

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