Ashlyn & Nathan | A Romantic & Cuddly Engagement at Raulston Arboretum

Session: 10 April 2016 | Posted: 9 June 2016

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Some of my favorite sessions to photograph are the ones where the couple are sweet as pie with each other without even trying. You know the type of couple I mean, right? When they're out in public, they hold hands constantly, giggle together like there's no one else in the world, share adoring glances that say, loud and clear, "This is the one, forever and ever."

Ashlyn and Nathan are one such couple, and they were just a joy to photograph. Ashlyn has one of the bubbliest personalities I've ever encountered and is always glowing with a smile that lights up the world around her. Nathan is a little quieter, but just as sweet, and the way he looks at Ashlyn makes it clear that he dotes on her and just makes my little heart melt, to boot. Together, they are so sweet and cuddly, coming together effortlessly and making my job wonderfully easy. Enjoy some of my favorites from their JC Raulston Arboretum engagement session, and congratulate them in the comments!

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Congratulate Ashlyn & Nathan on their upcoming wedding!

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