Introducing Lindon!

Posted: 2 November 2016

I don't really like photographing babies or kids.

Except this one.

Meet our sweet little Lindon Arthur. He was born to us in the middle of June, three days past his due date. I mostly succeeded at not agonizing over when he would make his appearance. The story of his labor and delivery is one I'll not tell readily; still, almost five months later, I am mourning the process and the loss of my expectations.

It gets easier, though, every time Lindon smiles.

He is a deep well of joy and love. His name is the jewel of my heart and perhaps I'll share its story soon. Equate it to music; put it in every song. I do.

To keep up with his antics and adventures, your best bet is to follow my personal Facebook or Instagram. In the meantime, though, enjoy this smattering of images from the first four months of his young, sweet life.

(P.S. When Lindon was 12 days old, we had an in-home newborn session with the incomparable Radhika and Ian of Radian Photography. Check out their blog post of our session!)

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