Rebecca & Ian | An American Tobacco Engagement that's Fun and Full of Sass

Session: 21 November 2015 | Posted: 18 January 2016

Rebecca and Ian kept me laughing for our entire session. They are one of those couples who, if asked to cuddle, go, "Do I have to?" and, "Just pretend like you like me." They clearly love each other--and you only have to spend about 30 seconds around them to learn that their demeanors are perfectly matched--but they're just not cuddly. They are sassy, though. Like, make goofy faces at each other, lick each other's faces, constant banter-type sassy. And I love it! You should absolutely always bring as much personality to your photos as you've got! And Rebecca and Ian turned it out immensely. Having a blast at their engagement session makes me excited for all the fun and personality that's guaranteed to turn up at their Lake Lure wedding in October. Until that goodness takes place, enjoy their American Tobacco Campus engagement session!

Love Durham, American Tobacco Campus, or Rebecca and Ian's sassy take on engagement photos?  Want to have photos just like these for yourself? You should totally send me an email! Or, for even less delay, schedule a consultationright now!

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Congratulate Rebecca & Ian!

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